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How does insourcing work?

Our insourcing model is at hand to tackle the ongoing challenges in acute healthcare settings. It will allow you to maximise your internal capacity and is specifically designed to be seamlessly incorporated into your existing internal processes. We will utilise your premises and infrastructure to extend your healthcare provision by working in the evenings and the weekends.


As a provider of insourcing services, Community Healthcare is focused on working with your teams to reduce waiting times and improve clinical efficiency for the benefit of the Trust, and ultimately, for the patients.
Consultant Delivered Service

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The benefits of insourcing

With Community Healthcare Solutions, we ensure that hospital managers and clinicians are integrated into the design of the service tailored by the people who know the patients the best. We work with you to manage a one off waiting list and allow that much needed breathing space in capacity.

Using your own developed pathways, your hospital managers and clinicians retain control of the service delivery. Weekly KPI reports allow you to monitor the service successes and any potential safety issues. Identifying these early are an important factor in shared learning and improve quality of care.

Using our insourcing solutions, we utilise potential ‘space’ capacity on weekends and evenings where we are able to consult and manage patients that internal staffing resources may not be able to deliver.

Whether out-patient or Surgical waiting lists, Community Healthcare Solutions provides a below tariff budget solution ensuring that your hospitals maintains a profit overall.

It is commonly accepted that patients on waiting lists for long periods have significant detriment to health and mental well-being, suffering injuries, due to poor vision from cataracts, or falls due to hip pain. Managing an effective waiting time reduces further pressures on the Health Service as a whole. Our services are ‘white labelled’ ensuring patients feel it is the hospital staff dealing with their condition providing a positive experience and feedback.

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Our 5-Step Solution

We provide expert clinical leadership to lead a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who have a breadth of experience across the private sector and the NHS. Our leadership team will work closely with your in-house teams using the same processes and procedures that you use. The process of insourcing is an easy 5 step solution.



Listening Icon Understanding the goal of the Acute trust is key to delivering the desired outcome. Once we understand, we provide a tailor made solution to address the needs. As part of the process Community Healthcare Solutions help identify the waiting list that you wish to address



Group of people sitting icon Our planning of services is clinician to clinician led and is facilitated by CH managers. We formulate a plan within three days, following NICE and evidence-based guidelines to make clinical pathways consistent. During the planning phase, we RAG rate the cases and risk stratify according to your hospital guidelines. We present these to you within 5 days in an easy-to-view format designed by our own data analyst.



Operational Icon Community Healthcare will be operational within 5 days of being contracted. We can work in our mobile clinics and operating theatres 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. Your patients are seen by either our or your clinical teams, depending on your preference.



Laptop Icon The best way to keep you updated with the contract, is weekly management meetings where we provide feedback on dashboards with detailed reports. On contract completion, a full Minimum Dataset (MDS) with outcomes and copies of all records will be provided to your teams.



Community Healthcare Solutions will define a project plan to be agreed with the Hospital Managers. The location of premises could be mobile units or fixed units based on the requirements.