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Experience and understanding of the NHS is key to delivering waiting list solutions that fit with your organisational values

CHS solutions support NHS trusts in delivery of services, reducing waiting times, reducing patient risk and aiding trusts to utilise internal capacity

CHS are the only provider who also offer a full turnkey solution to outsourcing, helping acute hospitals reach waiting list targets much more efficiently

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Community Healthcare (CH) are the only UK provider who have the ability and resources to offer a full turnkey solution to your waiting lists. With 8 years of delivery, last year we consulted over 200,000 patients. We are unique, in that, CH deliver every solution possible for any clinical pathway.

Through insourcing

We use the traditional model of using your premises to increase your clinical capacity, centred mainly around workforce deficiencies.

Through outsourcing

We treat patients in safe covid-free “green zones” in our fixed hospital sites and mobile treatment suites, which can be mobilised within a week, anywhere in the country.

What we offer overall

  • Fixed hospital sites throughout England
  • Five Mobile Treatment Suites for (consultations and operations) that can be mobilised and set up within a week, anywhere in the country
  • Access to our own national door to door patient transport system
  • Personal Protective Equipment of our own, and therefore not using hospital resources.
  • Full Referral Booking Management Centre of 48 staff to manage all bookings and referrals
  • Robust Quality, KPI and Data Analytics team to improve clinical efficiency
  • Clinical governance structure to compliant that of NHS Trusts
Watford cataract and surgical centre

we provide a full turn key solution to waiting lists using our own resources.  You just provide the waiting list

Our own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Our own clinical teams
Our own referral management team

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Our highly skilled professionals provide informed and tailored solutions to NHS waiting lists